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Staying healthy is one of the major aims and prayers of everyone, but with the hursling and bursling nature of our country the word healthy living have now made way for unhealthy living.

According to researchers, it is studied that stress is the main causes of Heart disease and some other chronic disease. In another word in order to live an healthy life one must avoid Stress.

Although there are many ways of preventing stress but I will share with you some simple and effective ways or techniques of avoiding stress and live an healthy life:

Laughing: Laughing is the most effective and easiest way of avoiding stress. Anytime you feel stressed you can change your mood by laughing. After one or two minute you will realise that you will realise that your mood will change.

Eat Healthy: Eating not just food but balance diet foods is one of the best ways of avoiding stress. Also eat moderate.

Listening to music: listening to music is another ways of reducing stress. Whenever you feel stress most especially after work, you can listen to music.

Coffee: avoiding stress might be a very hard task, but the most easiest way of avoiding it is by drinking two to three cup of coffee everyday (one in the morning, afternoon and night).

Although, drinking a cup of coffee might be a problem to some people, you can play it save by choosing a brand of coffee product that can help rejuvenate your health.

Do the walk: most of us are fond of sitting in one place for hours, and sitting down for many hours is one of the major causes of Prostate Problem.

In order to prevent this, you can take a walk around.

Exercise: exercise is no doubt one of the best way of avoid stress. You can run around, jog, climb etc. And make sure you do not overdo it. You can consult your doctor for that.

There are some other ways of preventing stress like relaxation, avoiding procrastination and some other effective techniques that will not only help you to avoid stress, but will also help us live an healthy and a wealthy life.


Niyi Ade is a Consultant. He is also a member of Wellness Club. An Organisation that offer free Health Seminars to Organisations like Schools, Churches etc. and Communities for more info on how to participate or if you want us to conduct free Health Talks for your organisation. You can contact us on:

Tips on how to loss weight

Take a flash back, say twenty or thirty years ago, when men cherished fat women. Then, slim men would married fat woman, that is why most marriage pictures of those days do contain fat women and a very slim ladies or women.

In those days slim ladies are reffered to as never chop, that is why most of them takes pills that will enable them to gain excess weight so that their boobs and backs can be as big as nothing else and be noticable by men.

The world is changing so also is human taste, most especial men. If you are truly a Nigerian, you will agree with me that most Nigerian men do not cherished fat women anymore. That is one of the main reasons why some marriages do not last.

I received a call from a woman. According to what she told me, she said that she felt uncomfortable with her weight. She said that her husband no longer love her the way he used to before they got married. After laying down some possible reasons which to me are less revelant, except for one – her weight. She also told me that she had used a lot of slim down products sold in the coutry but it seems that they are not working.

I told her that the slim down products are working but the issue is that she was not taking some steps that will enable her to loss weight effectively. I did give her tips and I also recommed some products that are effective to her. Within one or two months, she had regain her normal weight, not only that, she had also become younger and healthier.

After gaining her normal weight, she was reconsidered by her husband, who told me on the phone that I have bring back the beauty in her wife – that anytime he he looks at her it’s like he is looking at a young lady. In fact if you come across her you might be mistaken her for a young lady not knowing that she is a mother of three grown up children.

So I will just share some tips out of many with you on how you can loss weight effectively.

Tips on how to Loss Weight

Eat well: eating food in the right orderis one of the ways of living an healthy life, and If you are the type that sit a lot or that does anything that doesn’t require strenght – that will require energy, then you will have to mimize the intake of foods that are high in calories and fat – animal fat.

Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables like orange, pineapple, spinach and soome ,and make sure you eat foods that are high in fibre.

Mimize your intake of alcoholic drinks and some drinks that are high in calories because most of them are high in fat and calories. And the way alcoholic drinks are cosumed in africa especially Nigeria is very high.

Livestyle: The way we live do contribute to our health. Most Nigerians have form the habbit of sitting down in a particular place eating and watching movies from morning till night.
Exercise: think of lossing weight then you must also think of exercise. It can be in the form taking a five minute walk, jog, run, climbing the stair case or weight loss center or gym centre. Presently in Nigeria now there are many gym or recreational centre in the country.

Followiing this step daily will not only make you gain an healthy weight but it will also make you live an healthy life.

Niyi Ade is a Consultant. He is also a member of Wellness Club. An Organisation that offer free Health Seminars to Organisations like Schools, Churches etc. and Communities for more info on how to participate or if you want us to conduct free Health Talks for your organisation. You can contact us on:

How to prevent Diabetes

Diabetes dietsAccording to diabetes Association of Nigeria homepage, Diabetes Mellitus is a condition in which the amount of glucose (sugar) in the body is too high because there is not enough Insulin in the Body” It arises as a result of our continuous consumption of starchy foods like Eba, Fufu and some other foods that are high in calories.

There are three type of Diabetes: Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes and Gestational Diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes occurs as a result of the inability of the body to produce Insulin. while the type 2 diabetes occurs as a result of the inability of the body to produce Insulin or the inability of the cells to respond to the Insulin that is being produced. Gestational Diabetes is another form of diabetes that is common with Pregnant women.

 There are many diabetes symptoms like increased thirst, urination, constant hunger, fatigue Nausea and many more.

 Type 2 diabetes and Gestation diabetes are spreading at a faster rate in all the states of Nigeria. According to Nigeria diabetes experts it is said that one out of ten Nigerians have diabetes, it is also predicted that 7.5 people living in Nigeria will be affected with diabetes by the year 2025.

 Whao! What a massive figure.

 What is the cause of the alarming rise of diabetes in Nigeria?

 One of the major cause of the alarming spread of diabetes in Nigeria is Lack of education about the diseases; people are not educated about this disease.

 Before now many people like my mother knew that the diabetes is a deadly disease. Whenever I asked her what the causes are, she wouldn’t answer me because she wasn’t educated about this disease, she would tell me that the only thing she knew is that diabetic use Insulin injection for diabetes treatment, she even asked if I have someone who has the disease so that she can assist the person by taking the person to a diabetes specialist that will give the person diabetes Treatment.

 What I am trying to bring out here is that many Nigerians knew that diabetes exist but the point is that they lack information about the disease.

Some Nigeria drugs companies also contribute to the alarming spread of diabetes. Instead of educating people about the disease, they prefer playing generosity by educating the people about how the people will use their drugs effectively because they don’t want to lose customers.

 As a result of the alarming rise of diabetes in the world, The World Diabetes Day was introduced in 1991 by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). It is usually held on November 14 of every year.

According to some diabetes experts in Nigeria, it is discovered that diabetes can be prevented and cure without any stress or wasting of money. It is stated that for us to be diabetes-free, we have to change our lifestyle.

 One of the main causes of diabetes in Nigeria today is the continuous consumption of starchy foods like Eba, Fufu and some other foods that are high in Calories like Fast food. As a result of the situation of Nigeria, some Nigerians eats foods like Fufu or Eba three times a day; this set of people have a greater chance of having diabetes. According to some Diabetes Expert in Nigeria, it is stated that instead of eating foods like Eba, Fufu and some other Nigeria foods in high quantity, they should be eating in low quantity so that our body can utilize them effectively.It is also stated that The Diabetes Dieteating diabetes diets like fruits and vegetables and some other foods like Ofada Rice, wheat and some other foods that are low in calories can also cure diabetes because fruits and vegetables are rich in Vitamins, Minerals, fibre potassium and some other component that are very good for the body.

 Alcoholic or Sugar Drinks is another causes of Diabetes in Nigeria. one of the reasons why drinking alcoholic drinks causes diabetes is that it contain a lot of calories. This means that too much consumption of alcohol can cause blood sugar to rise or decrease blood sugar.There are some other reasons why Alcohol rises blood sugar like:

  • Alcohol contains carbohydrates.
  • alcohol may increase high blood pressure.
  • Alcohol can cause nausea.
  • Alcohol can cause you to overeat by stimulating your appetite.

 In order to prevent our blood sugar from rising will need to reduce or stop drinking alcohol or any sugar drinks.

 There are some other causes of Diabetes in Nigeria like Hereditary, Obesity, smoking and lack of exercise.

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